Whiskey glass

Uniglass King Whisky glass 350ml set of 6 pcs

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Material: Soda lime Glass

Capacity: 350ml

Colour: Transparent

Dimension: HxD:- 10x8.3

Contain: 6pcs of Whiskey glass

Made in Europe, Durable glassware, Dishwasher safe, Highly trusted & recommended for all food service industry,Food grade quality, safe for all purses.

Even the whisky glass did not avoid disputes over the right shape of a glass for serving whisky. These European glasses are a classic cylindrical form ofGlasswhich is appropriate for whiskey. It is very popular and it is comfortable to consume whisky from such glasses. If you do not rank with experts, classic low Old Fashioned or double Old FashionedGlasswill be enough for you to enjoy your drink.  It is not recommend to whirl the whisky in glass too much, because the evolving aroma could be excessively strong, which can destroy the complex feeling of whisky. Glasses are supplied in a gift box packing.

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