Whiskey Glass Set of 6, 290 ML, Bohemia Crystal Ideal, Non Lead Crystal Glass


The significance of using the appropriate glass when drinking whisky

Whisky is one of the most well-known and well-liked alcoholic beverages. To get the most out of it, though, you must know how to taste it properly. Whisky is not generally taken in enormous glasses or even in large gulps, despite what you may see in some movies. It is vital to pay attention to specific elements in order to thoroughly appreciate the beverage and extend the enjoyment until the last drop. The choosing and preparation of the glass is one of the most crucial parts of fully and properly tasting whisky.

The whisky glass you choose is quite important. It must be in the proper format in order to be able to inhale the beverage's vapours and enjoy its flavour. The glass's shape helps you to experience all of the whisky's scents.

We recommend using glasses with a foot, similar to those worn for aperitifs. This manner, you can grab the glass without raising the temperature of the whisky.

For the same reason, we don't advocate serving whisky in a balloon glass because it can quickly elevate the temperature, altering the flavour. This occurs as a result of alcohol volatilization, which masks the predominant scents and flavours.


How to Prepare a Whisky Glass for Drinking

The preparation of the glass is just as crucial as the choosing of glass. To make the glass, start by preparing it as follows:

Pour a small amount of whiskey into the glass and let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes; then jiggle the glass as the whisky spreads throughout the glass; and last, pour the glass and make sure the cup rim is clean.
The whisky of your choice can now be poured into the glass.

Whiskey Glass Set of 6, 290 ML, Bohemia Crystal Ideal, Non Lead Crystal Glass

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