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Is It True That Whiskey Glasses Make A Difference?

Every whiskey enthusiast knows that knowing why the whiskey glass matters as much as the spirit itself is an important element of appreciating a fine whiskey. When trying to acquire a full sense of the oaky tastes and aromatics of a well-aged drink, whiskey glasses make all the difference. The way a whiskey glass is shaped plays a part in offering a complete sensory experience.

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Facts You Should Know About Whiskey To Improve Your Drinking Experience

1. There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" answer.

Whether it's a whiskey cocktail or a single malt, the ideal way to consume high-quality and top-grade whiskey is in two separate glasses.

A stemmed nosing glass, such as the original Glencairn whiskey glass, is recommended for single malt whiskey. It's tulip-shaped with a long stem, similar to a wine glass, and allows you to nose a whiskey before taking a proper sip.

A whiskey neat is best served in an old fashioned whiskey glass. With a broad base and a wide brim, it's a short yet delicate tumbler. This type of glassware is typically used to serve cold whiskey or a whiskey-based drink.

2. Whiskey distillation is a skill.

Whiskey distillation is a largely underappreciated art form. It's no easy task to age a spirit for years in a certain barrel at a specific temperature. Most of the time, the result is underappreciated or misunderstood simply because it was sipped from the improper glass.

Anyone who's been on a whiskey-tasting tour would know that drinking whiskey right from the barrel should be served in the Glencairn glass since it's able to concentrate vapours for betting nosing correctly.

3. It's possible to make a difference by using your senses.

When trying to get the most out of your whiskey experience, your hands, nose, and mouth must all be in harmony.

The first step in absorbing each unique aroma of the whiskey's constituents is to smell it. The second step is to use your hands and the whiskey glass to aid you in swirling the whiskey properly to fully activate the aromatics.

The final step is to use your nose and hand to guide the glass into your mouth while allowing the scent and flavour concentrations to narrow out from the rim of the whiskey glass.

Whiskey comes out on top.

Whether you're looking for a shot glass, a rocks glass, or an ancient but good Glencairn glass, remember that your well-activated senses are the key to a wonderful whiskey. The perfect whiskey glass is just as important as the finer points of the craft.

Let us know which whiskey glass goes best with your whiskey drinking experience. 

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