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7 Reasons To Sip Whiskey From An Right Whiskey Glass

the correct whiskey glass.


Having the appropriate glasses is essential to truly experience your drink, whether you're a long-time whiskey expert or just taking your first few tastes into the appreciation of great spirits.

Whiskey can be served in a variety of glasses, and unlike wine, there is no need to separate glasses for different varieties of whiskey. Having a glass that you enjoy is part of the experience, whether it's a malt whiskey from Tasmania's revitalised whisky industry, a traditional Scotch, a Canadian rye, or a silky bourbon.

We've compiled a list of 7 reasons why you should drink whisky from a proper whisky glass.

1. Appreciate the craft of whisky production

To begin, it's important to note that you should never consume whiskey from a wine glass or a highball glass. Here's why a whisky glass is so important.

Whiskey distillers will tell you it's an art form. A master distiller prepares a spirit that is aged in a barrel for many years before tasting the final product. You should show your appreciation for the craft by really enjoying the finished result.

You'll also appreciate their work more if you drink it from a quality glass, as you'll be able to get the whole taste experience by smelling the whiskey as you sip it and taking in the colour as well as the flavour and taste. A shot glass, wine glass, or highball glass will not provide the same level of enjoyment as a genuine whisky glass.


2. Size Does Matter

A whisky glass is sometimes known as a tumbler or a lowball glass. It's basically a short glass with a broad mouth and wide base.

A capacity of roughly 10 ounces (300 millilitres) is good. This is the ideal size for a couple of whisky stones or a ball of ice.

It's also better to savour a smaller glass of whiskey than to pour a large drink that's been watered down with too much ice, water, or other mixer.

whiskey glass size

3. It's All About the Shape

The whiskey fragrances can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or in a cocktail thanks to the short tumbler's thick bottom and wide brim.

Smaller, thinner glasses may struggle to hold ice or be used for purposes other than drinking whisky neat.


4. Make a Cocktail with Your Whiskey

A tumbler or lowball glass is often known as a "Old Fashioned," and it's perfect for preparing cocktails like the whiskey-based Old Fashioned or even a Whiskey Sour.

In fact, the Old Fashioned should be served in a lowball tumbler since it highlights the whisky's unique flavours rather than masking them with the mix.

That isn't to say you can't use your whisky glass for something else. Cocktails such as a Black Russian or a gin and tonic can also be served in your new glassware.

A tumbler glass's wide and sturdy base makes it strong and large enough for muddled or mixed substances.


whiskey glass


5. Keep Your Whiskey Cool

Wide and thick bases characterise the best whiskey glasses. This is good for a variety of reasons.

To begin, if you prefer your whiskey on the rocks, the thick bottom will keep it colder for longer and prevent the ice from melting too rapidly. The same is true if you prefer whiskey stones, as glass is a poor heat conductor, allowing the whiskey to stay colder for longer.

It may also be readily filled with ice because to the broad hole.


6. Use lead-free crystal to keep your whisky safe.

Make certain that the whiskey glass you purchase is made of lead-free crystal. Because there's a danger that lead will seep into your whisky, choose lead-free glassware, such as glasses and whiskey decanters.

All glassware is crafted of lead-free crystal of the highest quality. The clarity is likewise great, allowing you to appreciate the colour of your beverage.


7. Tumblers Are Simple To Handle

For individuals who are used to thin, lofty highball glasses or wine glasses with a stem, holding a tumbler may be a shock.

However, a classic whiskey glass, fits comfortably in your palm and has the heft and design that befits the finest whiskey.


Sips at the End

It's all about your likes and tastes at this stage. Select a tumbler or lowball whisky glass that will make a statement and demonstrate that you are a serious whisky enthusiast.

The slightly rounded features of the Crystal Cask glassware set may appeal to you. Or the stylish cut to the rocky looking crystal base of the Launceston glassware set, pictured below.

Glassware is made of 100 percent lead-free crystal and has a thick base for added weight and heft. Glassware is supplied in a presentation gift box, which ensures that it arrives in perfect condition and allows you to store or move it if needed. They're also all dishwasher safe, which is a plus.

Glasses are also a talking point because they're inspired by Tasmania's "New World" spirits, combining traditional design with contemporary accents.

You may thoroughly enjoy your whisky, any other spirit, a cocktail, or even a glass of water with style if you choose the correct whiskey glass.

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